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[Nongshim] Yukgejang bowl 86g


Korean taste Captive Yukgaejang It is a cup noodle soup that recreates the taste of spicy beef yukgaejang and captures the taste of Koreans. It’s a popular noodle soup cup noodles that don’t miss anything from thin noodles that are chewy and the deep soup flavor unique to yukgaejang. Yukgaejang bowl noodles 86g Won’t your head … Continue reading [Nongshim] Yukgejang bowl 86g

[Paldo] Wang ttuggung 110g


Delicious and king! The king lid It is a cup noodle with a great taste and fullness. The large container contains cool beef broth and chewy soft noodles. When you go out, you can enjoy deep, rich and delicious ramen in just 3 minutes, then blow and enjoy. Royal lid 110g The arms with attractive chewy … Continue reading [Paldo] Wang ttuggung 110g

[Paldo] Wang Ttuggung Kimchi Big cup 110g


Cool and refreshing Kimchi king lid It is a royal lid with a rich soup of vegetables and kimchi. Please enjoy the refreshing taste of the kimchi king lid with a cool soup and chewy noodles paired with fantasy.   Kimchi King lid 110g The lid is a container with a lid that makes the arm … Continue reading [Paldo] Wang Ttuggung Kimchi Big cup 110g




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