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Pickled White radish


Not only is pickled daikon radish super tasty and nutrient-rich, but it’s a useful topping for salads, mixing into larger entrees, adding to soups, or simply eating raw. Plus, pickled daikon radish is also a great source of gut-boosting probiotics.

Spicy Pickled Radish


Musaengchae (무생채) is a salad like dish that’s made with julienned radish. This recipe is a mild variation that’s simply seasoned with sugar, vinegar, and a little bit of salt. You might have had it at some Korean restaurants. This crunchy, sweet and sour dish is simply refreshing!

Yellow Pickeld Radish


Takuan, or takuan-zuke, known as danmuji in the context of Korean cuisine, is a pickled preparation of daikon radish. As a popular part of traditional Japanese cuisine, takuan is often served uncooked alongside other types of tsukemono. It is also enjoyed at the end of meals as it is thought to aid digestion.




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