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[CJ Beksul] Oligo Syrup 1.2kg


Rich dietary fiber Healthy oligosaccharides Now when choosing oligosaccharides, be sure to check the amount of dietary fiber! The amount of dietary fiber is 35g, which contains 5 times more dietary fiber than oligosaccharides made from grains. Add sweetness to various dishes with healthy oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharide 1.2kg Thanks to its rich dietary fiber and low … Continue reading [CJ Beksul] Oligo Syrup 1.2kg

[CJ Beksul] Oyster Sauce 350g


Oyster sauce Soft texture It is made of concentrated extract extracted from the oysters living in the fresh Namhae sea, and is a source of Namhae oysters that boasts a deep flavor. Make your dishes even more delicious with Namhae oyster sauce, which contains garlic and onions, so you can feel the soft flavor. Namhae Oyster … Continue reading [CJ Beksul] Oyster Sauce 350g

[CJ] Anchovy fish sauce 400g


Anchovy fish sauce is an essential condiment along with shrimp fish sauce in making various types of kimchi to accelerate the fermentation process.





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