[CJ Beksul Spicy Sauce of Braised Chicken 490g

[CJ Beksul Spicy Sauce of Braised Chicken 490g


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Golden ratio to taste

Spicy fried chicken soup

The baeksuk chicken bokkeumtang seasoning has more than 10 ingredients in a golden ratio and has a spicy taste. 

Make the table more delicious today with the chicken fried rice sauce seasoning that maximizes the taste of the dishes.

 Chicken Fried Sauce 490g

This is a fried chicken stir-fried sauce seasoned with the know-how of Baeksul since 1953. The spicy and spicy taste of 10 or more ingredients in a golden ratio is excellent. It is a seasoning boasting a rich flavor with the addition of Korean apples and pears. Easily make delicious fried chicken soup with the spicy Baekseol fried chicken soup seasoning that keeps your taste hot.

Eat like this

1. Boil the blood-free chicken in boiling water for 5 minutes, and then cool it in cold water to prepare.
2. Add the prepared chicken, Baekseol Chicken Fried Sauce, seasoned potatoes, carrots and water, and boil with the lid open.
3. When it starts to boil, boil for 30 minutes on a high heat and add onion and green onion to complete.
4. If you add more ingredients such as sesame leaf according to your preference, you can enjoy it more deliciously.

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