[Haepyo] Olive Oil 900ml

[Haepyo] Olive Oil 900ml


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Squeezed olive oil

Haepyo Olive Oil is made by squeezing only ripe olive flesh on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Spain.

 Try using olive oil with a rich flavor for salad dressing, sauce, and stir-fry.

 Olive oil 900ml

Haepyo Olive Oil is 100% Spain Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and it is the oil that allows you to feel the freshness of the region. Since only ripe olive flesh is squeezed, you can feel the rich aroma of the olive fruit. Try Haepyo Pressed Olive Oil, which contains 65% of healthy oleic acid, as a salad dressing, sauce, or stir fry.

 Please be careful

1.In winter or refrigerated storage, freezing may cause oil to crack or form particles, but if left at room temperature for a certain period of time, it becomes a clear color and there is no abnormality in quality.
2.If the oil is overheated (over 160°C), there is a risk of oil splashing, smoke and fire, so be sure to keep the proper temperature when heating.
3.As water enters the heated oil, or watery and frozen ingredients will splash the oil, spread the clothes evenly and put them carefully from the edge of the container.
4. Oils are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to sunlight or air. After opening, keep the lid closed and store in a cool dark place.
5.Do not put hot oil in the plastic container, as there is a risk of burns.

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