[Ottogi] Sesame oil 450ml

[Ottogi] Sesame oil 450ml


savory sesame oil

Ottogi is made with only 100% whole sesame
 We picked only good sesame seeds and
roasted them evenly so that they would not burn at a constant and accurate
temperature with an indirect heating method.
 The well-fried sesame
seeds are filtered three times for a cleaner, more savory taste and rich aroma.
a drop of aroma with sesame oil, which is used in a variety of dishes.

Add a drop of sesame oil and mix with it to add a savory
flavor to every dish. Every 3 times, add clean and savory sesame oil to
various dishes.

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Sesame Oil (참기름) [cham-gi-reum] is an amber colored, aromatic oil, made from pressed
toasted sesame seeds that is a common ingredient in Korean cooking.

It is not used as a cooking
oil due to its intense nutty and buttery flavor and aroma;
however, because of that, it is an excellent seasoning and flavor enhancer.



1.    Sesame Oil is widely used in Korea to make namul
(vegatable side dish) because it adds a beautiful glossy finish.

2.    Similarly, the iconic dish, bibimbap, requires a
big spoon of sesame oil on top to add both beauty and flavor.

3.     Koreans
also mix salt, pepper and sesame oil to make a dipping sauce for grilled meat
because it reduces the gamey taste of pork and lamb.

4.    Sesame Oil is a rich source of vitamins and
minerals such as Vitamin E, magnesium, copper, calcium, and zinc. And unlike
most oils, sesame oil is high the beneficial poly-unsaturated fatty acid,
Omega-6, which is known to lower blood pressure.


Store in a cool and dry area.

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